The National Russian Motorcycle Federation (NRMF)

Established 17/04/2003

The voluntary public sports union of the Russian citizens gaining

 to develop motorcycle sports and tourism in the Russian Federation

Motocross - Outdoor Trial - Motoball - FigureDriving - Kid's Schools

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The NRMF Statues

Описание: img/Coat_of_Arms_of_Saint_Petersburg_(2003)_svg.png The Saint-Petersburgh branch of the NRMF reconstructs its Museum for Motorcycle History and arranges "motorcycle land-lease" Memorial for The Soviet Soldiers and The American Allies in The Great Patriotic War 1941-1945. The wall behind The Eternal Flame is decorated with 39 Harley Davidson WLA-42 engines. It represents the co-operation of our countries in preserving Peace. The number 39 associates with the year 1939 when clever and rational people gave its tragic way to fashism. (details in russian) Описание: \img\MotoRaritet Описание: \img\MotoRaritet

NRMF Outdoor Trial Cup, Moscow 2017

The CSKA Moscow IceSpeedWay Team took the podium home.
Lead by the Honoured Coach of Russia Vitaly Russkih, Dmitry Khomitsevich, Dmitry Koltakov, Danill Ivanov won the World Championship. The final exciting battle took place at Inzell 20/03/2016. The awesome English report here:


The Junior Motocross Training will take place 19/03 - 05/04/2016 in Anapa. 17 athletes from different Regions are to take the preliminary season training. The plan of the training is approved by the NRMF Motocross committee Chief A. Jakovlev. The master of the Camp - S. Visotzkas.


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