The National Russian Motorcycle Federation (NRMF)

Established 17/04/2003

The voluntary public sports union of the Russian citizens gaining

 to develop motorcycle sports and tourism in the Russian Federation

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A summary of the past and present activities of the National Russian Motorcycle Federation (NRMF)

 The National Russian Motorcycle Federation – the voluntary public sport union of the Russian citizens – was founded April 17, 2003, and included by the Ministry of Justice into legal entities official registry June 04, 2003 (the registry No 1037746005571). The representatives of 51regions of Russia organized the first meeting in Moscow. They accepted the NRMF’s Statues, elected the Management and Auditing bodies and approved Financial-support Board. Today the NRMF has Regional Branches in 56 regions of the Russian Federation. Besides the Regional Branches 15 public unions that are legal entities have become the NRMF’s members.

NRMF involved in its activities the well known young and former Russia, World and European champions. Motocross and ice racing World champions are the members of the NRMF and they work for Federation: V. Arbekov, G. Moiseev, S. Tarabanko, V. Russkich, V. Homitsevich, I. Ivanov and others.

The NRMF’s members are also famous sportsmen who are fond of motorcycle sports: A. Vinogradov – two-time Olympic champion at rowing and the First vice-president at the “Union of Russian Athletes”, E. Azarova – two-time Olympic, multi-time Europe and World champion at synchronic swimming, E. Tkachenko – multi-time World champion at parachute sports, R. Chizhikov - multi-time World champion at cycling and others.

NRMF’s Commissions and Committees at different motorsports disciplines are lead by honored educated specialists. E.g. J. Hudyakov – World champion at motocross – is the Motocross Commission Chairmen, V. Pronin – master of sports, multi-time USSR and Russia champion, engineer – is the Enduro Commission Chairmen. A. Judin – one of the most educated specialists in Russia competent in motorcycle building – is the Technical Commission Chairman; A. Perevozchikov – the General constructor at JSC “Izhevskie motozikli” (Izhevsk motorcycle factory). A. Poletaev – mototourist with big experience – is the Touristic Commission Chairman. The Publicity Committee is headed by B. Demchenko – state honored specialist in the sphere of Culture, the Journalist’s Union member, academic of the International Academy for child and youth tourism and scouting, master of sports at mototourism. The Ecology Committee is headed by the Ph. D. in technical sciences A.Popov. The State motorsport coach of the Federal Physical Culture and Sports Agency V. Russkich – World champion at motorcycle ice racing, lead the first team of the Russian Federation to European and World victories in the years 2003, 2004 – is the head of the Ice racing Committee.

The very best Russian motocross, ice racing, trial, motorball coaches and managers work for NRMF: S. Visotskas – the General coach for the winner of 2004, 2005 Russian Motocross Championships “Red Wings”; S. Starich lead and still leads Russian ice-speedway victories, S. Nosov, V. Nifantyev – the coach for the 15-time European motoball champion-team. In fact the NRMF united the most professional and skilled specialists dealing with motorcycling in their own country and abroad.

The NRMF’s activity in developing children, youth and mass motorcycle sports gets real help by the government authorities in the regions of the Russian Federation. E.g. in Krasnoyarskiy kray – by the member of the Russian Federation Council V. Novikov, in Ryazanskaya oblast – by its head G. Shpak, in Tambovskaya oblast – by the Regional Physical Culture and Sports Committee Chairman N. Voloshkin, in Belgorodskaya oblast – by the Head of the Social policy department D. Hudaev.

The representatives from different regions from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok are the members at the NRMF Board. For better work with governmental structures the NRMF has its representative in every Federal unit (Federal okrug) of the Russian Federation.

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